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01122 viewsI found a metal type rock in a junk shop foe a pound. The owner thought it was a dinosaur dropping (coprolite) it is very dense and has what looks like a fusion crust. It attracts magnets to some extent but repels them in another. It is old and has been drilled at the base so it can stand on a stand.
0296 viewsAnother view of it in its box.
0395 viewsI found a chalky rock with a hollow interior that had been opened and was full of metal crystals. There were five stalks that seemed to be covered with the crystals. The man who I bought it from said that he kicked it by accident in an Egyptian desert. I later realized that it may have been a hoax. But what for?
04102 viewsAs I collect deer antlers it would not be right to posses a piece of ancient antler. I actually have several parts, varying in age, but all fossil. It is not possible to verify the exact species with certainty but it looks like red deer.
05102 viewsThis is the ear bone of an early whale. It is from Florida.
0699 viewsSome of my collection of rocks and minerals.
0799 viewsThis is a piece of Blue John the famous Derbyshire fluorite.
0894 viewsI love amber inclusions and have a few. Here are some of my favourites.
0995 viewsA large ant is in Baltic amber, formed into a silver ear pendant.
1097 viewsMy best piece is a small piece of Baltic amber with two salticid spiders (jumping spiders). They may have been courting as they are male and female and they look as though they are the same species. The thin wafer like skins of the spiders have slowly degrades as genuine amber inclusions do and some colour has remained. I know it is Baltic amber because there are tiny oak flower fronds within.
11105 viewsA crystal ball of wonderful shape.
12116 viewsLarge crystals within a rock.
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